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How We Work - Job Portal Listing

We've designed our processes to make your life as a Retail or F&B operator/owner EASY! Working with us on Portal Job Listings involves just 4 simple steps!

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STEP 1 - You'll need to register and fill-in your job listing details

We'll send you a link our online registration form to register your Retail or F&B outlet/company and fill-in the job vacancy details.

STEP 2 - We'll contact you to confirm the Job listing plan and send you an invoice

After you submit your registration and provided the job listing info, we will contact you to confirm which Job Listing plan you wish to move forward with and send you an invoice.

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STEP 3 - Make payment

Once you receive the invoice, simply proceed to make the payment, be it via online banking, E-wallet or conventional methods,  then share the transaction slip electronically back to us (WhatsApp or email).

Step 4 - Your Job listing will go Live!

Once we receive payment confirmation, we'll review you job listing content and if all is good, we'll post and publish you job listing to the SourceCo JOBS Portal within 36 hours (usually less than that). Then just sit back and wait for the applications to come in!

Got more questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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