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We Serve Them All!

Whether it's individual single outlets of mom & pops or boutique F&B outlets, OR mid range 5 to 10 outlet F&B chains OR even large F&B franchises with 15 to 100 outlets, our solutions can help them all, whichever category you fit in. Below are just a few examples of F&B businesses that are already benefitting from our staffing solutions.


Uncle Don's

Uncle Don's is an Award Winning Restaurant Franchise with over 10 outlets and counting. It is considered to be one of the top bar/restaurant hang-outs in the Klang Valley and is constantly seen to be packed to the rim with patrons often forming long queues to get a table.

The formula is simple, they offer Super-low prices for fantastic quality food & beverage... all in the cocoon of a 5-star environmental setting!

Source Co is proud to be associated with this prestigious brand/franchise.

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Naughty Nuri's

Naughty Nuri’s is the brainchild of American Brian Aldinger and Indonesian Isnuri Suryatmi (Nuri). The husband and wife duo first opened the small road-side stall in Ubud, Bali in 1995.

The global expansion is further carried by the Naughty Nuri’s International President Mr. Peter Khor. Naughty Nuri’s has become a must visit eatery to everyone and has been patronised by the world’s most prominent people including A-list of Hollywood stars Julia Roberts and Tan Sri Dato’ Michelle Yeoh, Celebrity chefs Anthony Bourdain and Martin Yan, Professional Badminton Player Dato’ Lee Chong Wei and Professional Racer Alex Yoong.

Source Co is proud to be associated with this international brand/franchise.

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Its Changkat location may pass Loco off as just another place for drinks, but the bar also brings delicious Mexican eats to the table. Having 2 branches, one located in the heart of KL city and the other in the hip and happening bar scene in TTDI KL, Loco is the perfect place to head to after work. Stop by to wind down with a few friends before the journey home. Always a fantastic place also for Happy hour beers to kick the evening off, but don't let beer go down on an empty tummy!

Share their delicious Mexican food like the good-for-two Beef Quesadillas, served on a hotplate, the thin flour tortilla encases juicy chunks of beef, avocado and melted cheese, or the Salsa Verde (tomatillo and jalapeno dip), they’re simply terrific. For something lighter that leaves you room for more drinks, order the Street Tacos featuring a luscious avocado cream sauce, or the Mexican Maize Fries. The latter will interest those who love themselves a greasy bar snack. The crisp thick-cut fries made from corn are served with chunky guacamole and sour cream. All in all, Loco is a fantastic place to either dine, or to have a fun filled hang out session with friends over drinks.. Attracting locals and expatriates alike.

Source Co is proud to be associated with this unique brand/franchise.

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Puteh Beach Bar

Puteh Beach Bar offers casual dining and drinks in a stunning beach front setting right on Pahang’s Pantai Balok beach, Kuantan, where offering fantastic value meals , great service coupled with great music is their motto - attracting local and foreign tourists all year round!

Source Co is proud to be associated with this unique and cool brand/franchise.

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Bangkok to Buriram (Thai Restaurant)

A Food Journey

Thailand ~ The first delicious dish that usually come to our minds is TomYam. But Thailand offers so much more than just these favourites.

Here at Bangkok to Buriram, we take you on A Food Journey that is beyond the usual. Experience lots more delicious Thai cuisine loved by people all the way from Bangkok To Buriram.

BANGKOK (Ground Floor) ~ There are so many versions of hotpots but have you tried the Thai hotpot? Here we serve our special JimJum which is a special Thai hotpot. 

Of course, for all you TomYam lovers out there, we still serve all your favourites as well as other mouth-watering authentic Thai dishes that you will not get enough of, once you’ve gotten a taste of it.

BURIRAM (Upper Floor) ~ When you just want to kick back and relax, head upstairs to Buriram, ‘the city of happiness’ where we serve drinks, music and our special ‘’Mookata’’ which is a Buriram specialty of BBQ and Steamboat to cap a lovely night out.

Experience the culture of Thailand with great food and a great environment.

Source Co is proud to be associated with this unique and cool brand/franchise.

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Tart & Tartine

A little neighbourhood bakeshop nestled among lush greenery in Putra Heights. They serve cakes, light bites, coffee & tea.

Symbolic of quality and character that can only be achieved with individualistic talent and a culmination of passion and love for the culinary arts, Tart & Tartine produces treats that are not only tantalizingly delicious, but, healthy as well.

Source Co is very proud to be associated and working Tart & Tartine, a halal outlet located in Putra Heights, Subang Jaya.

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