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Staffing Solutions for Malaysian F&B Outlets

We provide solutions to assist F&B Owners and Operators to solve what is largely considered to be the biggest challenge for F&B Outlets in Malaysia, staffing. Our Solutions? RECRUITMENT and JOB PORTAL LISTING.

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It's no secret that staff hiring is tedious and frustrating: ads, managing applications, reviewing, shortlisting, scheduling interview, etc, After all that, a candidate might resign after 2 days or worse, just not turn up at all. Why not leave it to us? We'll handle ALL of that and more.. best part, we don't charge till we get you a suitable candidate AND we provide replacement candidates/guarantee periods.



If you're happy to manage the hiring process and all you need is to reach F&B job seekers, then you'll need The SOURCE CO F&B & RESTAURANT JOBS MALAYSIA PORTAL! It's 100% F&B jobs only (Waiter/waitress, Bartender, Commis, Chef,  etc), marketed to only F&B job seekers (over 15,000 views a month). 

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We've got household F&B names like Uncle Don's, Streat Thai, Olive Tree, Rockafellers, Dulang Kafe, Rock Bottom (and so many others) already using our solutions to get staff for their outlets - you should give it a try too.

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I have been working with Source Co for over 2 years. They are very efficient and provide exceptional service. They are professional in identifying staff that are friendly, approachable, helpful and demonstrates professionalism and passion in their work. I appreciate their quick response, efficiency and prompt follow-up to my requests.

Mr. Atkins Risha Abraham
Director, Uncle Don's

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